Watch Kartikeya’s Unique Conceptual Movie 90ML at Aha OTT

Watch Kartikeya’s Unique Conceptual Movie 90ML at Aha OTT

The Telugu movie 90 ML is an unseen story-based and having some kick. The film revolves around the lead role actor who is born with a rare disease.

A youth who born with a rare disorder called ‘fetal alcohol syndrome’ and at his childhood, got advised by a doctor to consume 90 ML of alcohol daily three times.

The boy is Devadas (RX100 fame actor Kartikeya).

Once he grows up, his alcohol consumption medical disorder makes him no job for him, which creates a complex problem.

As the story moves on, Devadas falls in love with Suvasana (Neha Solanki), a physiotherapist by the occupation, and she doesn’t like drinkers as she is from a non-alcoholic family background.

Neha Solanki is the heroine in this movie.

The rest of the 90 ML story is how Devadas wins her love. How did Devadas manage his lady love matter and the troubles created by a businessman, John Wick (Ravi Kishan), and another villain Ajay.

Genre: Action Comedy

Duration: 157 min ss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

A cast of the 90 ML movie

Stars:  Kartikeya, Neha Solanki, Rao Ramesh

Director:  Sekhar Reddy Yerra

Producers:  Ashok Reddy Gummakonda

Music Director:  Anup Rubens

Released Date: 06th December 2019

Watch 90 ML, a complete comedy entertainer with a fresh plot

This is a unique and peculiar action comedy movie, where the story details about the hero who was born with a rare disease, alcohol syndrome as his mother has an alcohol consumption habit. Where the hero needs to consume 90 ML of alcohol three times a day, and this turns out to be his daily routine from childhood.

And years later, the young hero falls in love with Suvasana, and here comes the twist in the story, when Suvasana comes to know Devadas is an alcoholic addict. How did Devadas overcome the situation? Did Suvasana get convinced? Was it a happy ending? To find out, please do watch 90 ML now streaming on aha ott.

Top 10 Reasons to watch 90 ML movie

  1. The movie has a unique storyline of the alcoholic syndrome.
  2. Both the lead pairs have performed very well especially karthikeya improved his performance compared to his previous pictures
  3. Ravi Kishan Comedy is one of the highlights in the movie as John wick
  4. This movie has good songs with Karthikeya’s signature steps in them
  5. Action sequences in the movie will impress mass moviegoers
  6. Improvement in Karthikeya’s dance and fights
  7. Smoothy BGM
  8. Comedy portion by Roll Rida
  9. Cinematography by Sameer
  10. Simple dialogues.

It’s time to watch comedy movies online

RX100 fame Karthikeya is played in his lead role much more naturally and delivered his best performance compared to his previous films. 90 ml is the first film for Neha Solanki in Telugu. She did her job well, though she is new to the screen. Rao Ramesh is played as her father in this movie.
Watch 90ml movie online in aha app.

90 ML is a cool comedy entertainer film in Telugu with a story about how the hero Kartikeya managed his rare medical disorder, alcohol drinking to survive, and he performed well. Scenes of his heartbreak and frustration make you sit in your chair till the climax.


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