FUT 21 – FUT 21 Player Days Event Makes A Comeback

FUT 21 Player Days returns with a new collectible team of 11 player cards, special themed objectives, and promo store offers.

The FUT 21 Player Days event has returned to FUT 21. This event comes with new cards to acquire, themed activities, and the chance to buy packs from the game store at special prices. FUT Encore is the Player Days squad that is available as long as the event is active. The player cards are not new releases. They are part of various past events and collections. The Player Days event gives players the chance to get these items if they have missed them in the past. Let’s see who is on the FUT Encore team.

FUT 21 Player Days Encore Team

Messi has a 95 OVR item with the center forward position and 88 pacing, 87 dribbling, 95 shooting, 40 defending, 94 passing, and 68 physical. Kimmich is a center defending midfielder with 92 OVR. His attributes are 77 pacing, 89 dribbling, 79 shooting, 86 defending, 91 passing, and 85 physical. We also have Sancho in this collection. His item has the right midfielder position with 91 pacing, 95 dribbling, 87 shooting, 42 defending, 86 passing, and 74 physical. The OVR is 92. Another 92 OVR card belongs to Hazard. The left wing has 92 pacing, 96 dribbling, 89 shooting, 39 defending, 89 passing, and 73 physical. Camavinga has 91 OVR with the center midfielder position. The item’s stats are 86 pacing, 90 dribbling, 84 shooting, 87 defending, 91 passing, and 87 physical. Van Dijk has 77 pacing, 72 dribbling, 60 shooting, 92 defending, 80 passing, and 87 physical. This item has 91 OVR and the center back position. Di Maria has 88 OVR. This card with the right position has 91 pacing, 89 dribbling, 83 shooting, 49 defending, 80 passing, and 70 physical. Ziyech has a card with 84 passing, 85 dribbling, 80 shooting, 52 defending, 89 passing, and 68 physical. His OVR is 87 and the position is center attacking midfielder. Hernandez has an item with 87 OVR that works in a left back slot. The stats are 98 pacing, 86 dribbling, 75 shooting, 85 defending, 84 passing, and 84 physical. Cuadrado is a right back that has 94 pacing, 92 dribbling, 78 shooting, 80 defending, 85 passing, and 71 physical. His OVR is 86. The 11th Encore player has 86 OVR as well. We are talking about Saint-Maximin. He has a striker card with 94 pacing, 88 dribbling, 81 shooting, 28 defending, 76 passing, and 77 physical.

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